POOL User Guide

Logging In

Clicking on the Desktop Icon will open the program.

Login icon

Enter in your email address followed by your password. Pool can be set to remember your password to prevent you having to reenter your information every time you log in.

pool login

When you have entered your password, click the "Sign In" button, and POOL will start. There will be a very short delay as the system updates with the latest releases.

First Time Sign-in

When you sign into POOL for the first time, you will be lead through a setup wizard that will set your preferences. This is a very important step, do not skip over it.

You will initially encounter a welcome screen when you sign into POOL for the first time. Press the "Proceed to POOL Terms of Use" button.


Terms of Use

After reading the terms of use, click on the box indicating that you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of using POOL.


Personal Information

Fill out everything in the Personal Information Screen. It is very important that you fill out these fields or else your preferences will not save properly.


General Options

The General Options screen allows you to set the basic features.


Sort Available Releases By: This dropdown menu allows you to sort your Available Releases tab by; Date Sent, Release, Artist, Label, or Genre. This will control how your releases are displayed in your Available Releases tab.

Email Notification: This will allow you to set the frequency that you receive new release updates for releases in POOL. When you sign up for POOL you will get email updates whenever a new release comes out. You can set the frequency for; Instant, Never, or Daily in the dropdown menu.

Continuous Preview Playback: If you check this box, POOL will continue to play through all of your available releases if you preview a file and do not press the stop button. Using this feature will allow you to play previews and use POOL similar to a media player.

Only Display Promo Only releases: Checking this box will make it far easier to sort through your Promo Only Releases when trying to find a specific Promo Only release. If you check this box, none of the Record Label Singles will show. Only your Promo Only Releases will be displayed.

Download Options

The Download Options tab is very important. Your settings in this tab will determine where all of your downloads will be saved to on your computer and how they will be named.


Sync Downloads to iTunes: If you check this box, POOL downloads will automatically be added to your iTunes. POOL will search for your Automatically Add to iTunes folder in your installation and save to that folder. Doing this will automatically save your downloads to your iTunes music directory. Note: If you have iTunes installed in a non default location (such as an external drive) You will have to manually change your download location to your Automatically Add to iTunes folder.

Download to release directories: If you check this box, POOL will create separate folders for each release you download in POOL. Checking this box is recommended because it clears up the confusion you can encounter when downloading all of your songs into the same folder.

Reporting Options (Optional)

The Reporting Options in POOL are completely optional, but by filling out these fields and checking the "Automatically report on startup", your POOL Player will report to us how many times you play tracks in Serato, Scratch Live or Traktor. This will help us see trends in music and assist us on programming music for our users. If you do not have these DJ programs don't worry about it, you are not required to fill this section out.


Jump In!

You have now completed your POOL setup! Press the "Jump In!" Button and you will enter the POOL Program.


POOL Layout

Viewing Available Releases

Available Releases Tab

The Available Releases Tab lists all media available to you. The Available Releases tab is separated into three different categories; All Releases, Promo Only Genres, and Hot Lists. Audio issues will have a small speaker icon next to the listing and videos will have a small film strip next to them. Content warnings will have a small eye icon or ear icon next to them.


You can sort your Available Releases tab (All Releases, Promo Only Genres, and Hot Lists) by clicking on the various titles in each column. You can adjust the width of each column, or change the order they are displayed however you prefer.

All Releases Tab


When you first enter the POOL Program you will see the Recent Releases artwork displayed on the front page. You can scroll through these images and selecting them will open up the corresponding release. You can use the drop down menu to change the number of releases you want displayed.


You can scroll through all of your releases in the Available Release tab. Older releases will automatically be pushed down the list, so if you need to view older releases, continue scrolling down and they will load up. When you click on any of the individual releases in the Available Releases tab, it will expand that release in the bottom window where your artwork was previously shown. Once you select a release in the top window, you can scroll through the contents of that release in the bottom window. This is handy if you want to browse through your files before downloading everything. You can also view the basic information of that release and the artwork in the bottom window.

When you select any track in POOL, you can view additional information about the selected track by viewing the Track Information window at the bottom of your POOL Player. When you select any track in the available track menu, additional information will be displayed in this window.

Previewing Available Tracks


If you double click on any of the track names in the bottom window, it will load up a preview of the song selected. You can control the volume, play/pause or skip to the next track in the list using the controls in the upper left hand corner. Remember that this is just a preview and it is not a downloaded song. The preview feature allows you to browse through your music before deciding to download everything available to you. This can save you a lot of download time. If you chose earlier to check the box "Continuous Preview Playback", you will notice that if you do not stop your previews from playing, it will play through everything in your Available Releases tab like a regular media player would.

Previewing Video Releases

Video previews work in the exact same way as audio previews except POOL will bring up a small video preview over your main screen.


Downloading Releases

Downloading new releases in POOL is easier than ever with our new improved download interface. There are several different methods to download a track in POOL. The most basic method to downloading a new track simply involves checking the box in the "Download" column next to the album or song listing. When you check a track in the "Download" column, the track will be added to the Download Queue. This will add releases or songs whenever you check any of the Download boxes in the player. You can check as many tracks as you want, and the tracks will be added to the download queue. (It is recommended that you do not queue up too many releases as it is easy to lose track of what you downloaded. Typically it is recommended not queueing up more than three or four releases at a time. Remember that although downloading is easier than ever, you are still taking up your own bandwith by downloading multiple releases.)

You can also download releases by pressing the "Download Release" button underneath the album artwork, or by pressing the MP3, M4A, or MP4 icons in the bottom right of the Track Information window at the bottom of your POOL Player.


How do I know if I have downloaded a release or an individual track?

If you download anything off of a release, the release listing in the top window will show up in Red type. Any individual tracks that you download will have a checkmark next to them. Remember that you can download each release one time in mp3 format and one time in m4a format.


Where are my downloaded files going?

Your files will download to the file folder that you set up in your initial install under "Download Options". If you want to change the download location, you can change your download location in your Preferences tab under "Download Options". Click on the "Change" button next to "Download Location:" and your location will be displayed in the small window beneath the button.

change location

I want my download to go directly into iTunes, how can I do that?

If you want your downloads to go directly into iTunes, go into your Preferences tab under "Download Options" and check the box that says "Sync downloads to iTunes". POOL will search for your iTunes install and set your download location to the "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder that is included with iTunes. Note that if your iTunes is installed in a different location, (such as an external drive) checking this box will not work to sync your downloads to iTunes. You will have to manually change your download location to that folder using the Download Location: Change button.


Downloading Release Artwork

If you want to download artwork for a release, click on the "Download Artwork" button underneath the tracks artwork. POOL will download this artwork to the same folder that your other downloads are going to. You will have to manually attach the artwork to your release.


More Information

More Information Tab

Selecting the "More Information" button will open up the More Information tab. The More Info tab will open up any additional promotional information relating to a release. This page will display in the main window and can link to any webpage set by the record label that created the release. A small track listing window will appear in the upper part of the window.

more info page

Download Queue

Checking any track in the main window will add the checked track to the download queue. Your current downloads can be viewed by choosing the "Download Queue" tab. This tab will allow you to monitor your download progress and manage the order of your downloaded tracks.


Pausing your Download

You can pause your download queue by clicking on the "Pause Download Queue" button. To resume your download press the "Resume Downloads" button. On some occasions, you can lose contact with our servers and you will notice that the download bar will freeze in place. If this happens, press the "Pause Download Queue" button and "Resume Downloads". This will reconnect your player with our server.

POOL Preferences

To configure your installation of POOL however you like, you can use the "POOL Preferences" Tab. From this tab you can configure how POOL is viewed and set your download location and filenaming options.

In your POOL Preferences tab, there are many more options available to you for sorting of your main POOL window. The options available to you in your “Sort By:” dropdown menu are; Title, Artist, Mix, Label, Release, Release Date, Duration, BPM, End and Genre.


You can have these columns display in Descending or Ascending order by using the dropdown menu located to the right of the “Sort By;” drop down.

ascending or descending

To set your default download location, select the "Change" button and you can set your download location to whatever you desire. Whatever location you set here, will determine where your downloaded .wav files will be placed.

change download location

On the right hand side of the POOL Preferences Tab you we have provided an area to set your Filenaming Options. Using this tool you can name your downloaded files however you like. You can set the name of your files using any order of three of the following choices; Title, Artist, Mix, Label, Release, Release Date, Duration, BPM, End or Genre via dropdown menus. The window directly beneath the dropdown menus will display how you currently have your Filenaming Options set.

filenaming options

Duplicate File?

Sometimes when you download songs from POOL, you can build up a long queue of songs. A lot of people choose to let POOL download while they continue to browse or even leave their computer unoccupied. To prevent POOL from stopping to ask you if you want to replace songs you have already downloaded, you can choose how POOL handles duplicate files. On the bottom left side of your POOL Preferences tab, you can choose how you want POOL to behave when you download a file that is already in your library. You have three choices in your dropdown menu; Always ask, Always Overwrite, Always Skip.

duplicate file selection

Default File Type Setup

To set your default file type in the Preferences menu go to the pull down "Default File Type:" menu and you can choose between Lossless m4a format and 320 kbps mp3 format.

Lossless m4a format: Lossless extremely high quality audio file, larger file

320 kbps mp3 format: High quality mp3 audio file

iTunes Import

Importing your POOL downloads into iTunes is very easy. Go to your preferences tab in your POOL player and check the box that says "Sync downloads to iTunes". When this box is checked everything you download in POOL will automatically be added into iTunes.


Search Feature

The POOL player allows you to search Promo Only’s database for specific media. The search feature is located on the upper central area of your player.

The search function consists of the “Sort By:” pull down menu and a window to enter in your search criteria.


You can narrow your search according to, Title, Release Date, Artist, and Record Label, by using the pull down “Sort By:” menu. All of your search results will be displayed in your “Search” Tab.


You can scroll through the results and you can use next and back buttons to view additional tracks in your search that do not fit onto your main screen.  You can go to the first and last tracks searched by using the start and end buttons.